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CarbonCrop Platform July 2024 Update

We’re excited to share the latest from the CarbonCrop platform this month.

CarbonCrop Co-founder Nick Butcher, and Account Manager, Charlie Cottrell Jury, sitting at a computer looking at mapped forest areas in the CarbonCrop platform

New Features

CCU Visuals

CarbonCrop Carbon Stock Heat Map

Visualise your carbon sequestration on the map. For select sites, you’ll be able to see a heatmap of carbon sequestration within the CarbonCrop platform. Talk to your AM about this if you want to learn more.

Filter by registration status

Filter by registration status

Want to know how much of your forest is registered? Carbon Intelligence now lets you filter by registration status.

Report on your future planting

CarbonCrop platform export CAA summary

Plan your planting better! The planting status is now available in the “Export CAA Summary” function.

Download selected polygons

CarbonCrop platform download selected polygons

Selective polygon download. The “Download Segments” button now lets you download just selected areas.

Bug Fixes

  • Faster carbon calculation for large sites. For 1000 ha+ sites, calculation time is down from 5 minutes to ~10 seconds.

  • Non-ETS areas no longer require a species and establishment year set for mapped areas.

  • The eligible area shapefile received from Tupu Ake as part of completing an "Add CAA" can now be uploaded to your site. Previously this worked for new registrations only.


Name change for financial forecasts tab

CarbonCrop platform before and after showcasing name change for the 'financials' tab to 'forecasting'

The “Financials” tab has changed to the “Forecasts” tab.


Stay tuned for more updates next month!

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