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Impact to Date


+4 million ha

Land Assessed in NZ

Native CCU

+1,000 ha

Native Forest Registered


+10,000 ha

NZ Forest Submitted


+350,000 T

Carbon Removed by NZ Forests

CarbonCrop was founded in 2020 with the goal of using Artificial Intelligence to help landholders pull a billion tonnes of CO2 out of the atmosphere and lock it up into trees.

Native Forests

We're particularly focused on encouraging New Zealand native reforestation, which benefits wildlife and biodiversity.

Help Landowners

Not only do we want to remove carbon from the atmosphere, but in the process we want to improve agricultural resilience, restore degraded landscapes and boost farm profitability.

Better Future

Our ultimate goal is to play our part in addressing the challenges of climate change and helping to create a future we can all be proud of. 

Our Technology


A spin-off from the Nelson Artificial Intelligence Institute, where the core of our original solution was conceived, we are a technology company at heart.
At CarbonCrop, we’ve created technology that enables scalable monitoring and verification of carbon removals over vast areas of mixed species biodiverse forest, with high precision. The use of AI technology to assess forests, calculate carbon sequestration, monitor for reversals, and speed up the process of issuing carbon offsets at scale.
We’re focused on sustained improvement in everything we do, including with our technology, so we can continue to put the power into the hands of the customers.


Our Team

The CarbonCrop team is a growing team of machine learning engineers, solutions/systems engineers, forestry specialists, and carbon analysts, all committed to helping landholders across Aotearoa to access carbon credits.

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Optimise your carbon trading portfolio.


Democratising carbon credits for kiwis.

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Biodiversity mission: supporting a nature-based recovery

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Established to help restore the land, its people and their prosperity – he whenua, he tāngata, he taurikura.

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