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Using Carbon Removals

About our approach

With CarbonCrop, each carbon removal unit represents one tonne of carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere by native forest, with a binding obligation to ensure the CO2 stays locked away for the next 100 years.

We monitor these forests using satellite imagery combined with our forest loss detection technology.

Our approach is designed for transparency and long-term traceability. Each removal unit has a unique ID and date stamp, and can be traced back to the original forest using CarbonTracer, our publicly available unit tracing and integrity audit support tool. 


Using your carbon removals in your emissions reduction program?

Start with the native carbon removals within your existing business boundaries and supply chains to help neutralise your emissions and complement your emissions reduction effors. 

They say “You shouldn’t mark your own homework.” 

The best practice for your carbon accounting assessment is to have your ongoing emissions and removals assessment verified by an independent auditor. 


How can we help you?


Measure carbon removals within your business boundaries and supply chain to help contribute to your net-zero targets.


Assess your full supply chain for carbon removals quickly, remotely without the need for on-farm visits.

Monitor your removals to ensure durability and integrity.


Track and allocate your removals across your business activities for consistent claims and to avoid double counting.


Reconcile ETS and non-ETS registrations to avoid double claiming.


Support monetising your carbon removals by delivering low/zero carbon products.


Increase removals and restoration across multiple landholders with local, biodiverse, native New Zealand forests.


In farming, margins are pretty lean. Carbon removals have created an extra source of income for us and what it’s actually doing is allowing us to plant more trees, fence more trees and do more pest control.

It’s a great exponential strategy.

- Geoff Ross, Lake Hawea Station


Applying carbon removals to your inventory?

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