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What are carbon removals?

Carbon removals are units of carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere and kept out by locking them up in a carbon sink, like a forest or soil.

These removal units can help reduce your carbon emissions footprint in carbon accounting.
CarbonCrop measures, monitors and verifies forest carbon removals within complex primary sector supply chains.

Why use removals?

They can enhance strong climate performance claims by deepening the relationship between businesses and the source of their removals.


They represent carbon removed from the atmosphere and durably stored, not avoided deforestation or emissions reductions.


They direct financial incentives to biodiverse native forests ineligible for the ETS.


They are highly transparent and traceable back to the forest source.


They support local community impact and the majority of funds go back to the landholder.


They create incentive market effects that help drive additional future removals and accelerate our climate change response.


How can we help you?


Measure carbon removals within your business boundaries and supply chain to help contribute to your net-zero targets.


Assess your full supply chain for carbon removals quickly, remotely without the need for on-farm visits.

Monitor your removals to ensure durability and integrity.


Track and allocate your removals across your business activities for consistent claims and to avoid double counting.


Reconcile ETS and non-ETS registrations to avoid double claiming.


Support monetising your carbon removals by delivering low/zero carbon products.


Increase removals and restoration across multiple landholders with local, biodiverse, native New Zealand forests.


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