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Restore Forest.
Store Carbon.

CarbonCrop is on a mission to build the platform powering high-integrity, nature-based carbon solutions.


Using AI and automation, we're helping landholders, carbon project developers, forestry consultants and primary sector exporters turn carbon removals from their land, or supply chain, into an asset.

New Zealand has a large and mature carbon forestry market, making it a prime incubator. We signed our first customer up in July 2021, and have almost 300 landholders powering carbon forestry projects with CarbonCrop in New Zealand. We're now looking scale our impact and to expand our platform internationally. Your investment will help us as we move to make the CarbonCrop platform available outside of New Zealand.

Impact to date

+4 million ha

of NZ mapped for eligibility

+ 300 Farms

registered in the ETS 

+ $35 million

paid out in carbon revenue

+350,000 T

carbon removed by NZ forests

Our technology helps to

See the full carbon sequestration picture, and monitor for forest loss
Support decarbonisation goals and net-zero product production
Support investment in biodiverse, native New Zealand forests.
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Access voluntary carbon market options with transparency & traceability

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CarbonCrop was spun off from NAI by Nick Butcher (CTO), Julian Maclaren, Alexey Rostapshov, Mark Houghton Brown (now directors).


Investing in deep-tech ventures at an early stage. 


New Zealand's first impact investment fund.

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 Invests in early-stage kiwi tech startups.


We recognise those who are creating value for our company via our ESOP. 


Invests in New Zealand startups at every stage.


A charitable trust helping others live socially and environmentally responsible lifestyles.


Invests in early-stage Kiwi

tech start-ups.


Invests in sustainable solutions for the Ag sector

Are you an ideal investor?

We're gearing up for growth and we're always keen to hear from investors who recognise the need for high-trust, high-value, high-impact carbon removals in order to scale our climate response.

If you're interested in investing, please fill out our Expressions of Interest form below.

Image by Chad Madden

Scaling high-integrity, nature-based carbon solutions requires a high-tech solution.

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