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CarbonCrop Platform May 2024 Update

We’re excited to share the latest from the CarbonCrop platform this month.

CarbonCrop team members Charlie Cottrell-Jury and Nick Butcher looking at eligible forest areas in the CarbonCrop Platform

FieldScan photos on map

Keeping track of 100s of field photos is a pain. CarbonCrop now lets you organise and see photos directly in the platform. Upload photos directly, or use FieldScan to take geotagged photos.

FieldScan photos shown on CarbonCrop platform map

New Features

ETS Submitted

Keep track of your submitted forest areas and avoid possible mistakes. Forest areas can now be marked as “Submitted” to help managing your ETS projects.

Shortcuts for historical imagery

To help map across time, you can now use Q and W to cycle through recently viewed imagery.

Login through the website

You can now access the login page for the CarbonCrop platform from the website. No more bookmarking to access the page!

Sites list

CarbonCrop sites page example

Stay on top of your new sites with ease. New sites now appear at the top of the site list, instead of the bottom.


Bug Fixes

Crop to boundary

The 'crop to boundary' function is now more reliable.

Panning while using tools

Panning while using the split or reshape tool no longer creates additional vertices.


Deleting comments now works again.

Error messages improved

When polygons are invalid, the reports now show a better error message.


Our team is consistently working to improve our tech, stay tuned for more updates next month! Missed last month's update? Check it out here

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