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CarbonCrop Platform April 2024 Update

Updated: May 3

We’re excited to share the latest from the CarbonCrop platform this month.

CarbonCrop CEO and CarbonCrop Forestry Advisor Looking at a piece of land in the CarbonCrop platform with a carbon accounting area highlighted.


New Features

Filter Tasks

Want to know about all Emissions Returns awaiting landholder input? Task filters let you do just that, to focus on a certain part of a task lifecycle.

Export Tasks

Tasks can be exported to a CSV!

Simply click on the export view button in the "Task" view to download your tasks into This lets you track and report on progress over time.

Task Assignees

Tasks can now be assigned to any other user in your company. You’ll find this feature when you click on “Tasks” in your company sidebar. This helps you cut through the noise and focus on your own tasks.


Bug Fixes

Create site duplication

Fixed a bug where in certain cases the “Create” button on the Add Site page would result in 2 sites being created.

ETS Carbon Calculations

Fixed a bug in our ETS carbon calculation caused by incorrect grouping of non-contiguous sub-areas. This resulted in carbon being off by 1-3 tonnes compared to Tupu Ake in a handful of complex cases with multiple sub-areas.

Logged out unexpectedly

Fixed a bug that caused some users to be logged out and sent back to the portal page.


Looking Ahead

Here’s a sneak peek into what our team is working on:

More integration with FieldScan

Photos taken using our FieldScan app will soon appear on the map, with the ability to manage and export evidence photos.

FieldScan in the Google App Store

Login through the website

You will soon be able to access the login page for the CarbonCrop platform from the website. No more bookmarking to access the page.

CarbonCrop Website Platform Login


Stay tuned for more updates next month!

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