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Realising the potential of forest restoration with Carbon Markets

Why Precision, Automation, Collaboration, Infrastructure and Systems Matter

For many in primary industries like farming and forestry, engaging in carbon markets can be a challenge. The process is complex, filled with intricate assessments, registrations, and ongoing management requirements. This complexity often acts as a barrier, deterring landholders and industry participants from participating in these potentially beneficial markets.

CarbonCrop addresses the complexities of carbon markets, aiming to make them more accessible for landholders, forestry consultants, and primary industries exporters. Our platform simplifies the processes involved in carbon market participation, including assessments and credit management.

CarbonCrop: A Comprehensive Solution

CarbonCrop's platform simplifies the initial assessment phase, reducing the time and effort required using technology. It provides more than just reports; it helps users understand their carbon potential and the implications of their decisions. This support is essential for informed decision-making in carbon market participation. Making each of the steps towards measurement, monitoring, and monetising carbon removals more straightforward and less time-consuming. 

One of the key features of CarbonCrop is its user-friendly interface. Not everyone is a carbon market expert, which is why the CarbonCrop platform is designed with clarity and simplicity in mind. Whether you're a farmer, forester, or a business owner in the primary industries, CarbonCrop's platform ensures you can manage your carbon removals with confidence and ease.

Efficiency in Carbon Assessments by Empowering with Technology

Traditionally, preparing a forest carbon assessment could take hours, presenting a significant barrier to entry both from a time and potential cost perspective. The CarbonCrop platform reduces what used to take hours into minutes by leveraging remote sensing, AI, and automation to present a snapshot of the carbon sequestration on the land with financial forecasts using the information available. The financial forecast feature enables users to make informed decisions about their carbon removals, understanding the potential returns and risks involved.

Accuracy is key in documentation, especially where carbon is involved. One of the biggest challenges in carbon market participation is ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. FieldScan simplifies this process. FieldScan is designed to ensure that every piece of photo evidence collected is accurately captured with geo-location information. It guides landholders through the evidence collection process, supporting compliance requirements and helping to maximise the potential benefits for the landholder.

Automating Compliance and Reporting

We know compliance and reporting are essential when working with carbon markets. Compliance comes in many forms, and FieldScan is not the only way CarbonCrop supports this. Ensuring the sequestration reported, and therefore credits claimed, is correct is key to recognising carbon earning potential. On top of this, errors can lead to penalties from the regulator. 

CarbonCrop’s technology allows for monitoring and compliance processes to be automated, supporting the accuracy and adherence to regulations. This automation extends to managing emissions returns, a crucial aspect for those engaged in carbon markets. The CarbonCrop platform provides users with reliability and consistency to provide peace of mind. 


CarbonCrop is more than just a platform; it's a comprehensive tech solution designed to remove the barriers to enter carbon markets, simplifying the measuring, monitoring and monetising of forest carbon removals.

Check out the full video above to see how CarbonCrop can help you, and if you want to make the most of the carbon on your land or in your supply chain, visit our website to learn more.

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