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CarbonCurious? Market Insights & Tech for Simple Emissions Returns

Updated: Mar 1

In this webinar CarbonCrop co-founder Nick Butcher was joined CarbonCrop Engineering Team Lead Hannes Hille, to discuss carbon markets insights focused on the year ahead, how to get paid for your New Zealand units with a Provisional Emissions Return, and how technology can help to streamline your carbon management. We also shared some sneak peeks of the CarbonCrop Platform - check out the recording to see it in action!

As we step into 2024, we wanted to explore what's happening in the New Zealand Carbon market, introduce you to CarbonCrop’s Platform (and the tools that come along with it), and answer some key questions.

The new year also brings renewed opportunity to get carbon credits rewarded for your forest, and a focus on emissions return filings for activities has been taken in this webinar as it's a critical time for those involved in forestry within the ETS.

The State of Carbon Markets

Last year was eventful for the carbon markets in New Zealand, as you will have seen in our market updates (you can check them out here). The image below provides a high level snapshot of some of the events to impact the NZ compliance market last year.

Changes in government policies, legal challenges, and market responses influenced carbon pricing and created uncertainty. With the new government and adjustment of ETS auction price controls, we’ve seen  a recovery in carbon prices - as the below graph shows.

Line Graph Showing Secondary Carbon Market Pricing Trends Dec-22 to Jan-24

Stay tuned for our next market update to see how the carbon markets evolve in 2024.

Tools for ETS Forestry Participants

The CarbonCrop platform makes it easy to see, access & earn more from carbon removals from your land. So, what can you do in CarbonCrop’s Platform?

Getting paid

The introduction of our provisional emission returns (PER) filing workflow marks a step forward for our customers and our team. Our secure process for submitting land changes ensures compliance and provides a clear outlook on expected returns. This new approach aims to streamline the process, offering valuable foresight for forestry planning.

10 year forecast

Making informed decisions about including regrowth areas in the ETS or choosing the right tree species for carbon capture can be complex. Our platform guides users through these decisions, balancing financial gains with environmental benefits.

Planning for future scenarios

Predicting future NZU prices is challenging due to market dynamics and potential policy changes. Our tools offer scenarios to help users plan with confidence, considering various price projections for better decision-making.


Stay tuned for our next CarbonCurious, where we’ll be discussing “What is Climate-Smart Forestry?” Don’t miss the announcement for our dates - register your interest here to receive a notification.

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