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CarbonCrop Platform June 2024 Update 

We’re excited to share the latest from the CarbonCrop platform this month.

CarbonCrop team members Nick Butcher and Charlie Cottrell Jury looking at a computer with the CarbonCrop platform mapped forest areas

New Features

Forecasts can now be shown in tCO₂

CarbonCrop platform switching between financial and carbon sequestration forecast for eligible forest areas

Want to know how much carbon your forest is removing? On the ‘sites’ page, you can now switch between dollars and tonnes of carbon when looking at future returns.

Future Planting Status

CarbonCrop platform selecting planting status for future forest planting areas

Planting a new forest area? You can now select your forest 'planting status' from draft to planted to stay on top of your new, and planned, forest areas. 

Better site list tools

CarbonCrop Platform sorting sites by forest area and carbon sequestration

Interested in which of your sites have the most forest? Want to know which site is removing the most carbon at a glance? Sites can now be sorted by total forest area, sequestration, or last edited.

Easier to rename sites

CarbonCrop platform renaming a site in the overview page

Sites can now be renamed by editing the name directly on the overview page.

Performance improvements on large sites

CarbonCrop platform loading site over 500ha

Performance of our pages on larger sites (>500ha) has been slow in the past. We’ve improved this so you can see your site faster.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the species selector often took 2 clicks to select

  • Fixed the “Auto-number CAAs” button


Stay tuned for more updates next month!

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