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What are removals?

Removals are units of carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere and locked up in a carbon sink.

Our removals are high-integrity and nature-based, stored in biodiverse native forest. We call them Native CCUs.

They can be applied as removals under inventory accounting or as carbon offsets. 

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They are carbon removals, not avoided deforestation or emissions reductions offsets.

They direct financial incentives to biodiverse native forests locked out of the ETS.

They are additional via incentive market actions and only viable with carbon revenue.

They are highly transparent and traceable back to the forest source.

They support restorative land use with 99% of partner native forests growing on unproductive land (LUC 6 or higher)

They support local community impact and the majority of funds go back to the project owner. 

We will match you up with carbon removals that protect and restore native New Zealand forests. Apply these towards your net position as removals in your inventory or as offsets.

Our carbon removal offsets are:

  • Transparent: unique ID and date stamp; traceable back to the forest; publicly accessible methodology.

  • Real, measurable and verified: only removals- never avoided or reduced emissions; accurately measured using AI and satellite imagery; calibrated with field sampling; all independently auditable

  • Additional: sequestration is at risk without the incentive of carbon finance, and is dependent on carbon revenue to be economically viable. Sequestration is beyond business as usual due to an incentive mechanism - reward further removals, penalise reversals.

  • Not double used: we maintain a registry; before issuing we check against MfE, ETS and major VCM registries to confirm no overlap.

  • Address leakage: removals only - never avoided emissions or avoided deforestation; we only issue for forest restoration unlikely to result in agricultural conversions elsewhere.

  • Permanent: supplying landowners have a 100-year obligation to keep CO2 locked up; annual monitoring using AI and satellite imagery; 10% buffer pool for accidental reversals.

  • Certifiable: Native CCUs have been independently certified under ISO 14604-1:2018. They are not yet certified as offsets by a third-party.

Learn more about our approach.

Native CCUs

About Native CCUs

Native CarbonCrop Units are high-integrity nature-based carbon removals. They can be applied directly to your carbon inventory under carbon accounting or as carbon removal offsets. 

Each Native CCU represents one tonne of carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere within the vintage year of issuance by native forest. 

The owners of the land where Native CCUs originate have a binding obligation to ensure the CO2 stays locked up in the registered regenerating native forest for the next 100 years. We monitor these forests annually using satellite imagery combined with our forest loss detection technology.

The forest registered can only achieve this by being kept healthy, and landholders not allowing it to degrade, regardless of the initial establishment date of the forest.

Native CCUs are designed for transparency and long-term traceability. Each CCU has a unique ID and date stamp, and can be traced back to the original forest using CarbonTracer. Our detailed methodology is public for anyone to review. This gives clarity, visibility and accountability for everyone in the buying process. 

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