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Native forest on hill at Lake Hawea Station

Turn your carbon removals into an asset

Make the most of the carbon on your land or in your supply chain.
Measure, monitor and monetise carbon removals on your land and in your supply chain
CarbonCrop platform Financial forecasting
Quantify carbon removals
  • See your full carbon sequestration picture

  • Forecast, reforecast and scenario plan

Ongoing forest monitoring
  • Automatically track and adjust for gains and losses

  • Be alerted to potential forest loss

CarbonCrop Forest Loss Map
CarbonCrop Native Carbon Removal - Carbon stock heat map
Create value from your non-ETS carbon
  • Reduce your net emissions footprint

  • Create low carbon products

Invest in natives
  • Recognise and incentivise biodiverse native New Zealand forests

CarbonCrop Platform Native forest valley
CarbonCrop CarbonTracer App
Report your net-zero progress with confidence
  • Transparent and traceable unit tracking

  • Be confident that there is no double use or counting of units

  • Easily access data for third-party audits and verification

Customer Stories

There was a real drive with the companies we spoke with to lease our land and plant it in pines, but we were never comfortable with that.

We have 6k acres of native regenerating forest and we thought that should be worth something. 

CarbonCrop is the only company that had the ability to assess its potential."

- Darcy, Wairarapa 

CarbonCrop Case Study Lake Hawea Station Still Image.jpg

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