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Senior Backend Engineer

(Role Filled - Additional Applicants Will Be Considered)

We are looking for a friendly, motivated backend/infrastructure engineer who has experience implementing web applications across the entire stack, loves getting their hands dirty with infrastructure and ops, and is excited by the prospect of using cutting edge technologies to help restore our climate and natural environment.

You’ll be working across our application stack, primarily in the backend (with a range of spatial, analytics, and automation pipelines, as well as integrations with our machine learning stack), and integrating with the GIS/Mapping/Analytics centric React client (with both customer facing and internal interfaces). Together with the rest of the engineering, product, and marketing team you’ll work to understand our customers and their requirements, define system architectures and use your experience to deliver creative and innovative solutions to help them make the best use of their land for sequestering carbon, improving biodiversity, and driving climate resilience.


You’ll join an experienced, friendly and collaborative team of existing ML and application engineers who care about each other and our mission. While web application engineering will be at the core of your role, you won’t be afraid to get stuck in and help wherever it’s needed. In particular, we actively work to create opportunities for interested engineers to get involved with machine learning and data science as part of the role. We’re a young company; we’re all here to support each other in making a difference, and to have fun doing it. This role is perfect for anyone with a growth mindset and a passion for being part of something positive.


This position is based in Nelson, but we’re open to remote work for the right candidate.


  • Design, develop, deploy, and support the backend systems central to delivering our product experience to customers and enabling reforestation.

  • Use your experience to improve our AWS web infrastructure, and shape our backend architecture, including our AI model inference engine and task queue, APIs, and database.

  • Collaborate with the engineering and product team to understand requirements, refine roadmaps and task definitions, and deliver solutions, while maintaining a high bar for quality in a fast-paced, iterative environment.

  • Work outside the core application stack as necessary, extending and supporting peripheral systems as needed to meet the needs of the product and our customers.

  • Advocate for, and implement, improvements to product quality, security, and performance.


  • Min. 3 years experience as a software engineer, with significant experience in cloud-based web application development, with at least one of the major cloud providers (AWS, GCP or Azure).

  • You aren’t required to know any specific language - but we expect strong experience in one or more of the prominent languages, such as C#, TypeScript, Kotlin, Python.

  • An ability to design and implement clean, robust web application architectures, selecting appropriate technologies and design patterns and striking an appropriate balance between efficiency and reliability in development and operation, while meeting product goals.

  • Strong experience working with databases.

  • Understanding of security and authentication mechanisms.

  • Excellent communication and writing skills, with the ability to clearly document procedures, processes and work performed.

  • Excellent organisational skills - you’ll thrive in a startup environment and be comfortable juggling priorities and responding to change with grace and flexibility.

  • Enthusiasm for working collaboratively in a team and supporting others.

  • A ‘do anything’ attitude - we are small, and the problems and opportunities we face are big. You don’t let your role define you, and will pitch in anywhere needed.

  • Degree in computer science, engineering, or physical sciences.


Bonus points

  • Experience with IaC, e.g. CloudFormation, Terraform, Serverless

  • Experience working with spatial and remote sensing datasets at large scale, including scalable high reliability delivery.

  • Masters or PhD in computer science or related discipline.

  • Experience deploying machine learning models.


Our stack

  • Python (Keras/Tensorflow, FastAPI) - but very open to change!

  • TypeScript

  • React

  • Postgres

  • AWS

  • MLFlow

  • Your favourite frameworks, tools, approaches… we’re eager to experiment and learn from what works elsewhere!

How to apply

If this sounds like you, please email with your CV and a cover letter explaining:

  • Why you would be a great fit for this role and for our team.

  • Your strengths relating to the requirements and responsibilities outlined above.

About Us

CarbonCrop uses machine learning to supercharge forests as a scalable solution to climate change. We make it easy and profitable for landowners worldwide to protect and restore forests, by giving them simple access to carbon markets and assuring their projects are of high integrity.

The magic is the packaging of machine learning and remote sensing technology into a clean and simple web app that gives anyone a tailored assessment of the carbon forestry potential of their land, and a project execution model that takes away the risk and hassle. The result is stronger farm economics, less carbon in the atmosphere heating up the planet, and improved climate resilience and biodiversity of our landscapes.


The company is in a strong position and is growing rapidly - customers love our product and we now have tens of thousands of hectares of farms now under contract and revenue coming in, and have just closed another successful funding round.

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