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Trace your offsets, find your forest

Updated: Mar 8

CarbonCrop raises the bar on transparency and traceability for carbon offsets with the new CarbonTracer app.

Most carbon credit projects aren’t traceable. Perhaps you’ll get a map with a whole area highlighted, or maybe you’ll have a static Google Maps image with a pin in the middle. Which block do your credits come from? Is the forest even still there? How can you be sure?

A good offset will answer those questions for you. A better offset will let you prove it to yourself, whenever you like. If you’re not sure, watch out for claims of ‘traceability’ made in a dense 200-page document, or ‘traceability’ which only shows an entire forest, not the specific block within that forest. If you’re still in doubt, don’t purchase that offset.

CarbonTracer is a new app from CarbonCrop that allows you to find the forest that you purchased an offset from, and check back whenever you like. You can trace your offsets back to the exact blocks of forest they came from, and zoom in on the trees themselves with recent aerial imagery which is kept up to date.

Native CCUs are designed to be highly transparent and traceable. Each Native CCU is issued a unique ID (CCU ID). You simply enter your CCU ID into CarbonTracer and it brings up your offset’s forest block. You can zoom in, pan around, see the trees are actually there, and (over time) how they’re growing.

Be confident that you’ve chosen a better offset.

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