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  • Jo Blundell

Scaling climate change action

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

New Zealanders are in a position to scale our response to climate change!

Coin pile with small plant growing

For the first time, New Zealanders are in a position to scale our response to climate change by aligning incentives with action, and placing a value on our native, biodiverse forests.

Let’s go!

We’ve created technology that enables monitoring and verification of carbon removals over vast areas of biodiverse forest, with high precision. Amazing eh?

It means we can remotely assess tens, hundreds or thousands of hectares of forest in minutes, and differentiate between pine/exotic species and native forest, down to a resolution of 1 sqm.

We exclude detected pines and only measure and award offsets to native forest for carbon removals, incentivising landholders to support native species and remove wilding pines.

We’ve called these Native CarbonCrop Units (CCUs), and this is what a CCU unit represents:

  • 1 tonne of CO2 as assessed by CarbonCrop’s methodology

  • Removed from the atmosphere within the last 5 years

  • Durably stored in the growing biomass of regenerating native forest

  • Regardless of the initial establishment date of that forest

  • A binding obligation on the landholder to ensure CO2stays sequestered for the next 100 years

The methodology of these offsets is available for you to take a look at. We also encourage you to dive into how they compare to the Ministry for the Environment guidelines.

Given we have declared a climate change emergency, we believe democratising access to financial incentives attached to scaling this magic carbon-sucking technology (trees) is essential.

So rather than nibbling around the edges with small-scale reforestation projects that don’t make a dent, we’re excited to bring:

  1. Scalable climate change solutions

  2. Aligned to incentives for broad adoption and positive action

  3. Financial value to native New Zealand forests

  4. Funding put towards rural communities

  5. Transparency and traceability to carbon offsets for New Zealand businesses

  6. Homegrown AI climate technology that could be taken to the world…!


If you’re a business looking to offset your carbon, you can enquire about purchasing CCUs here.

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