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Support New Zealand native forest

New Zealand’s regenerating forest is a national treasure.

Restoration activities are critically underfunded. Give native forests the boost they need to continue restoration and protection by buying better carbon offsets.

Drive change with landholders

There are currently 1.4 million hectares of native bush and forest on privately held Kiwi farmland. Unlock incentives to help drive new restoration and more carbon sequestration. Help address climate change while encouraging benefits like better biodiversity and protecting water quality.

Support local

Kiwi landholders, Kiwi biodiversity, Kiwi certification, Kiwi marketplaces.

Buying Native CarbonCrop Units keeps 100% of the value and benefits in New Zealand. You also help drive a growth industry that can help on a global scale.

Scale your impact

Buying from the voluntary market directs funds to the restoration and protection of forests unable to access the ETS.
This has a bigger impact, at a lower cost, critical to scaling the response to climate change.

Removals not reductions

Choose better offsets that actually remove carbon from the atmosphere!  Buy Native CCUs and know that you're balancing out emissions by purchasing a removal offset, not a reduction. 

Think bigger

Being proactive should be rewarded, not ignored.  By purchasing Native CCUs you can pay for performance and support those who are already taking action to improve things. 


1 Tonne of CO2 as assessed by CarbonCrop's methodology.

Removed from the atmosphere within the last 5 years.

Regardless of the initial establishment date of that forest.

Durably stored in the growing biomass of regenerating native forest.

A binding obligation on the landholder to ensure CO2 stays sequestered for the next 100 years.


CarbonTracer app lets you trace your offsets back to the exact blocks of forest they came from.
Be confident that you’ve chosen a better offset. 

New Zealand is a large net importer of carbon credits, it is time kiwi businesses, investors and individuals purchase their carbon credits from regenerating native New Zealand forest.

Voluntary carbon credits (Native CCU) are a critical new tool to achieve large scale restoration by putting a higher value on our native forests and meet our climate, water and biodiversity goals.

- Finn Ross, Carbonz Founder

These companies chose to buy better offsets and support New Zealand forests, landholders, and communities.


Maggie Marilyn is committed to transparency throughout our supply chain in order to maximise our sustainability impact. Maggie Marilyn is Toitū certified climate positive however, also purchases Native CCUs as we believe we can maximise the impact had on the climate by purchasing credits through Carbonz.

Heilala Vanilla is proud to be supporting regenerating native forest in New Zealand with Native CCU credits. We are continuously looking at our impact on the environment across our total business from Tonga to New Zealand and believe Native CCUs are a real positive step forward in our journey.


At Go Well consulting we know not all carbon credits are of equal quality. As we continue to purchase carbon credits, we will analyse the various methodologies and conduct our due diligence on the credit suppliers. We are confident in the CarbonCrop methodology and that the CCUs are in line with and exceed international voluntary carbon credit standards. We will continue to look closely at the evolving global standards to inform our credit purchases and we are excited to be supporting kiwi restoration initiatives for native forest."

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Carbonz is an exchange for traceable, tradeable, native New Zealand carbon credits. Individuals and entities can buy and sell traceable native carbon credits. Buyers can purchase credits to offset their emissions or to buy credits as an investment.

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