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CarbonCurious: A walk through the CarbonCrop Platform

At CarbonCrop, our focus is on providing practical solutions that simplify and enhance the way landowners and businesses manage their forest carbon removals. To date, we have assessed over 4 million hectares across New Zealand, distributing more than $35 million to landholders for the carbon sequestered by their forests.

A map of NZ with all the areas CarbonCrop has assessed - Green areas are added in 2024

The CarbonCrop platform equips users with a suite of tools that streamline the process of carbon management, removing many of the traditional challenges associated with managing forests for carbon removals. Here’s a detailed look at the tools and features that make the CarbonCrop platform so effective:

AI-Powered Land Assessment and Mapping

By simply clicking a button, the CarbonCrop AI runs to detect and map forest areas on your land. This process quickly identifies land eligible for carbon credits, simplifying the mapping process. After the initial AI assessment, users can refine details by selecting forest types, including native and exotic species, and specifying forest establishment dates.

Forest Area Editing Tools

The user-friendly interface of the CarbonCrop platform allows for easy adjustments to forest boundaries and detailed drawing work using in-platform drawing tools. This flexibility is essential for accommodating your forest's growth and any changes in forest areas, such as forest loss.

Financial Projection Metrics

CarbonCrop’s financial engine helps you to understand the potential earnings from carbon credits based on mapped forest areas. Users can get a snapshot of the potential carbon revenue in the ‘financials’ tab, for individual Carbon Accounting Areas (CAA’s). This number is indicative only, but can support users in their forest management activities.

Carbon Stock and Sequestration Reporting

The CarbonCrop platform can provide users with reports detailing carbon sequestration potential from identified forest areas, for insights into the carbon capture capabilities of the forest areas for both the emissions trading scheme and voluntary carbon market.

The tools developed for the CarbonCrop platform are designed to make it easier for users to manage their land's carbon potential effectively. With these tools at your disposal, you can make informed decisions about the best route for your land, maximise your forest's carbon removal potential, and remain in compliance with regulatory requirements.

To stay up to date on the latest updates to CarbonCrop's platform, check out our What's New page

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