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Restore forests, store carbon and get paid

Register Your Forest
How It Works



Is your forest eligible for carbon credits?

We assess your land using AI and remote sensing and estimate your potential carbon revenue for free.



Which areas do you want to register?

We'll work with you so you understand your options and can make the best decision about your unique property.



We don't get paid unless you do.

We do the rest: evidence gathering, mapping and carbon calculations to get you registered. We take a percentage of your carbon returns - there are no upfront fees.

How We Do It

CarbonCrop helps you understand your eligibility, taking care of the entire submission process and ongoing administrative tasks, helping landowners get paid for restoring forests.

We use AI and remote sensing technology to evaluate your land remotely and estimate what you could earn from carbon credits. You’ll receive as much information as possible so you can make the best decision for you and your land. 

Earning carbon credits doesn’t have to be complicated, or require upfront payment.
Our Solutions

Our Solutions


NZ Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS)

The Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) is New Zealand's main tool for actively reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

This is achieved through the awarding of carbon credits, with one credit representing one tonne of carbon - or equivalent greenhouse gases - removed from the atmosphere.

Landholders with eligible forests can register and receive yearly returns for every tonne of carbon actively sequestered. You can diversify your income, create a new revenue stream and help the planet at the same time.

CarbonCrop helps you understand your eligibility and obligations, completes all of the difficult tasks associated with registering your forest with Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI), and provide ongoing support with ongoing compliance tasks such as emission returns.


Native CarbonCrop Units (Native CCU)

Native CarbonCrop Units are a way for farmers to be paid for more of their trees, including the ones excluded from the ETS.

If you have eligible native trees, you can still register your forests for carbon credits, with yearly returns awarded for every tonne of carbon actively sequestered.

CarbonCrop Units
Is your forest eligible for Native CCU?

1. Located in New Zealand.

2. Comprised of qualifying woody native tree species

3. Permanent and not intended for harvesting

4. Actively growing and sequestering new carbon 

Find out if your forest is eligible for Native CCU


We had bought a property in 2021 without the intention of applying for the ETS, but asked CarbonCrop to check out its possible eligibility. To our surprise we were told that a significant proportion of the property could qualify for carbon credits and we were guided through the process with patience.
He clearly explained the potential benefits and obligations that we would be committing to if the land was indeed eligible, helped us build the case and submitted the ETS application on our behalf. We would like to sincerely thank CarbonCrop for their professionalism in helping us to navigate the complexities of the Emissions Trading Scheme.

- John, West Coast

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